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From my friends at HTH:

If you’re contemplating relocating overseas for employment or even lifestyle reasons, there’s no doubt about it, you will have a wealth of things to organize and prepare ahead of your international move. From housing and schooling to work permits and language lessons, the list of activities and preparations is almost endless! However, one key preparation feature that often gets overlooked until almost the last moment is getting appropriate health care coverage in place for you and your family.

In the US we’re used to having our insurance company pick up the tab for illnesses and accidents, but if you move abroad you could well find that your insurer no longer protects you and your loved ones, so what type of health care coverage do you need for you and your family if you’re moving overseas?

The one word to sum up your requirements is ‘comprehensive’ – you will need a comprehensive health insurance plan in place that will cover not only your international medical care and bills, but also any medical treatment that you require back home in the US for all those times when you re-visit home for business or pleasure.


As an international relocation brings with it a certain amount of stress and confusion whilst you settle in to your new nation, learn a new language and discover more about your new neighbors and their culture for example, the last thing you want to be worrying about is finding a health care provider if you go down with the flu. You are also unlikely to want to be bothered with negotiating a doctor’s payment and your subsequent reimbursement from a medical insurance company. Therefore, when looking around for a health insurance provider it will be very important to find one that can help you locate a doctor in your new nation, and one with which that doctor can directly communicate about fees and medical bills.

Other critical services that international citizens and expatriates find essential when seeking the best health insurer available include having access to a call center which can guide and advise the policy holder in an emergency situation for example, or which is just on hand 24/7 to answer general queries and assist an insured individual, no matter where in the world they are, and no matter which time zone they live in. Also of importance to many expatriates is having the security of knowing that their health insurance provider will evacuate them in an emergency and arrange life-saving medical intervention should it ever be required.

For those with pre-existing conditions, the ability to upgrade cover to insure against a recurrence of an illness will be important; and ultimately, of critical importance to all expatriates will be gaining speedy access to required medical care and facilities. No one wants to have to wait for diagnostic or even preventative procedures for example, and no one should have to face long waiting lists when they require important medical care.

Therefore, if you’re moving overseas with your family in tow, don’t forget to pack a truly flexible, supportive, all-inclusive and comprehensive international medical insurance policy in your travel bag.

HTH Worldwide, the first choice for international health and travel insurance plans. Dedicated to providing the most flexible and comprehensive health insurance plans for American citizens and their families ­ our premier international health insurance plans are tailored for global living and protect you at home and abroad.

For help with acquiring international health insurance: or call +507-6674-1063 (Panama Cellphone)

Panama Kevin