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Panama Auto Proof of Sale

Panama Auto Proof of Sale

Under the new ATTT Tansito guidelines and to comply with SOAT regulations, to CANCEL an auto insurance policy, there must be “proof of sale” for the insurance company to affect the cancellation. You must prove that a traspaso (transfer of Registro Unico) has been...

Check your Drivers License!

In the Republic of Panama, your Automobile Insurance Coverage is only valid if you are driving with a current/valid drivers license. Please check the expiration date of your license. If you have been in Panama for more than 90 days, your foreign drivers license may...

Flood in my apartment!

A few years back, after a rare night out until 1 AM, I came home to a flooded apartment! The small plastic tube feeding the toilet water tank had sprung a leak affecting my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and laundry. After closing the main water valve to my apartment, I...
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