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Linkedin post by Ariel Botello, Director of Claims UnityDucruet

PUBLIC DISORDERS AND LOOTING: In these times of citizen tension, when unscrupulous people want to take advantage of what is not theirs, creating chaos and inciting the population to enter private property by force, we share the applicable coverages and their definitions as they are of interest to them: DIRECT DAMAGE COVERAGE BY PUBLIC ORDERS: The risk of Direct Damage from Public Disorders caused by anyone participating in Public Disorders, so that the policy covers any direct losses caused by such event. DEFINITION OF PUBLIC ORDERS: For the purposes of this coverage, Public Disorders are the alterations of public order caused by the disorderly movement of a crowd acting in a tumultuous, boisterous or violent manner, in defiance of the constituted authority or in violation of its provisions, but without aiming to impeach the government by force SACK COVERAGE: For the purposes of this coverage, looting is large-scale, unscculted theft perpetrated by a crowd involved in a public disorder. This coverage will have no value unless Fire and Direct Damage from Public Disorders coverages are in effect. …

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