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Hurricane In The Carib

Golfers, pilots, ships at sea – check this out! Man I’m glad we’re here in Panama and don’t have to worry about hurricanes. By the way, windstorm coverage is STANDARD on fire policies issued in Panama……..give me call for all of your...

Panama Insurance Industry Grows

From La Prensa: Insurance industry sees sustained growth The insurance industry pushed upward in in July, registering a growth rate much higher than during the first few months of the year. The volume of new premiums that month totaled $78 million, an increase of 22...

Obtaining a Panama Drivers License

The following information from a post in AIP by Mary Roush may help new arrivals through the process of obtaining a Panama Drivers license. Documents Needed: • -Resident Card • -Passport • -Driver’s License from Country of Origin • -Blood Test (Your blood type...
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