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In order to quote Panama Life Insurance, we will need your date of birth, do you smoke? If the coverage is for a mortgage, we will also need the term (# of years) of the loan.

Most lending institutions in Panama will require Life insurance to guarantee payment if you die before the loan is repaid. The policies must be issued by Panama licensed companies…, they will NOT accept your foreign issued life policy.

There are Life Insurance companies with non-medical limits (no physical required), but if you are over 50 and applying for amounts over $100,000, you will need to pass medical exams and show clean lab work. The companies I work with will pay for the doctor, EKG, X-rays and lab work that may be necessary

We will schedule appointments in your apartment or hotel in order to facilitate the process. Here in Ducruet, we have a team that specializes in helping you obtain this coverage quickly. Call me 6674-1063 or Carmen 322-1605 (direct line) to obtain a quote.

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