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Did you know that insuring your Panama property investments is one of the best bargains available?

Here in Panama, we insure building (structure) and the contents under separate policies at very reasonable rates.

The Ducruet fire insurance structure policy includes coverage for fire, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, flood and common water damages/filtration/leaks (this coverage is required for every mortgage issued from a Panama bank).

The Ducruet Homeowner’s multi risk “Contents” package includes Fire coverage described above, as well as,Theft and Personal/General fire legal liability.

There is also $$$ available to cover a temporary residence, if the property is uninhabitable. Usually 15% of the amount insured.

Theft coverage is for break in with forced entry, as well as, assault inside and outside the residence. The damage caused to the structure in case of break-in with forced entry is covered under this theft provision. Theft and damage to Electronic Equipment is also part of the package.

Liability coverage extends to damage you may cause to your neighbors property from a fire or water leak initiating in your residence. If a third party is injured on your premises, there is Medical payments coverage and legal assistance.

This multi risk residential Homeowners package has added benefits including reimbursement for stolen credit cards, locksmith service, plumbing and electrical services in case of a domestic emergency. Some packages include ambulance service, free medical consultation and coverage for PETS.

How Much?

The average annual premium for the fire insurance on most cement structures is approximately .10%. For example, a condo/house valued at $200,000 will pay approx. $200/yr. The average “contents” multi risk package for $20,000 Fire/Theft limit with $100,000 liability protection is less than $100/yr. Excellent premiums! Of course, our Ducruet clients should obtain lower custom designed rates, with further discounts for prompt payment.

High ticket items such as paintings, sculptures, collectibles, art work, rugs and expensive electronic equipment may be covered above the basic limit, if they are listed separately.

Office Comprehensive multi Risk policies are also available at Excellent rates!

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