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In Panama Auto policies, the “Collision” or “Colision” option is designed to pay for the repair or replacement of the policy owner’s vehicle in the event of an accident (collision with another vehicle, tree etc.), no matter who caused the accident. Collision coverage usually requires the payment of a deductible.


In some Panama Auto Policies, there is a provision for return of the deductible or a %, if the insured is found “not guilty” of causing the accident by the Panama Transito courts. You must present a court “resolucion” to the insurance company for this refund of deductible.

Collision coverage provides for the repair or replacement of your insured vehicle, up to the Actual Cash Value. Total loss may be paid when the damage exceeds 75% of the insured value.

Actual Cash Value takes into account depreciation of your car due to age, wear and tear.

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