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Here are a couple of the new BUPA Latin America (issued directly from Miami) plans that I like. I have BUPA Secure with a $5,000/yr. deductible.

BUPA Secure:

Secure Care offers members up to USD2 million of coverage a year through the Bupa Secure Hospital Network. Designed as a comprehensive plan, it provides coverage from out-patient diagnosis through in-patient surgery, including coverage for cancer and emergency evacuation, if needed. For additional peace of mind, customers can select optional benefits for complications of maternity and transplant procedures.

BUPA Essential:

Essential Care is designed to offer an excellent value plan
that covers essential health care needs. Using our Essential Hospital Network in Latin America, the Caribbean and the
USA, Essential Care covers out-patient diagnostics, the cost
of in-patient surgery, cancer treatment and coverage for any out-patient physiotherapy that you may need after a hospital stay. In addition, the plan provides coverage for emergency repatriation and additional coverage options for complications of maternity and transplants.


For more detailed information visit:


For a personalized quote, email or call 6674-1603 cel or call my associate Gonzalo de la Guardia 6671-3357

Panama Kevin