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Hello Kevin,
Thanks again for all the help you gave us during the trauma with the van. It was a difficult time for me and you were a rock, which I know helped us through many tough spots. I am sorry when there was confusion. A lot of people were involved in coordinating the fix-it job on my end also. But it all worked out and everyone performed well. I have attached a note with some of my thoughts about the process. More………

Thanks for the outstanding work you did in arranging for towing of my van into The City for repair. I appreciate your many calls and meetings on our behalf and the way you handled things so well with the insurance company. The van is now safely back in the garage and I am mobile once again.

As for lessons learned, there are many. A pertinent one, as you pointed out: when in doubt, call the number on the windshield. Also, it’s handy to know both one’s phone number and address in Spanish. I certainly know my phone number in Spanish. The address is more problematical for many, including English speakers because the Soralpina turn is easy to miss when people are coming up the mountain. That’s why I often say in Spanish as well, go to Casa Wu and call me. I’ll come get you.

All’s well that ends well, as they say. So I am thankful to everyone who helped.
Geri M.

Panama Kevin