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If you are a world traveler covered by Medicare or by a domestic U.S. plan offered by your employer – or if you have no immediate plans to return to the U.S., Global Citizen EXP is tailored to your needs. By trimming away coverage for health services in the U.S. and keeping the comprehensive Global Citizen benefits outside the U.S., the EXP plan delivers outstanding value and service

Global Citizen EXP functions as a primary health insurance plan outside the U.S., filling the gaps left by Medicare and domestic U.S. plans or delivering precisely the coverage an expatriate needs

The main benefit is “continuation of coverage” without exclusions.
HTH complies with all US State regulations, unlike many US companies selling international coverage.

While HTH reserves the right to be selective and may reject your application, they can provide a “seamless” transition from US policies (BC&BS, United HealthCare, Kaiser etc.) to an HTH policy. Here is the info about the Global Citizen Plan that I like:

Global Citizen: Annual renewable health insurance for long-term episodes of international living

Plan Highlights:

This is an admitted/approved U.S health insurance policy and meets all state mandates

Provides coverage inside and outside of the U.S. No limit on time spent in the U.S.

The plan can be kept upon return to the US or home country

No waiting period associated with any benefits or services including preventative, maternity, alternative therapies etc.

No exclusion for specified conditions in the first 6 months such as breast disorder, kidney stones, gall stones, appendicitis etc.

Newborns are covered period- there’s no need to go through underwriting and prove insurability

Deductible is waived for office visits and preventative services

Pre-existing condition exclusion is only 180 days (180 day look back) but can be waived subject to proof of prior creditable health insurance

Automatically Includes coverage for terrorist events and professional sporting activities

Cashless access/ Direct billing with profiled providers in 170 countries

No pre-certification penalty imposed

Tax Deductile Health Savings Account plan design available through HTH Worldwide Bank

HIPAA Administered and guaranteed renewable up to age 84 (I’m not too happy about this and have been assured that they are considering a lifetime extension).

Renewal rates are always the same as the rates published for new enrollees

Underwritten by UNICARE (A- Excellent)- a Wellpoint Company. Wellpoint insures 28 million Americans and is the largest health insurance company in the U.S.

Panama Kevin