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By Carmen Dunkley

The mall is full, no spaces available and you decide to park in front of a “No Parking” sign where the sidewalk is painted yellow. Two hours later, you walk out the mall and your vehicle is gone? You should consider the possibility your car has been stolen, but it may have been towed away by the A.T.T.T.

If there is no evidence of theft (witnesses tell you the car was last seen hooked to a tow truck), the automobile was probably taken by the A.T.T.T. If this happens to you, you should contact the A.T.T.T. office at 502-0591/0592 and provide the clerk with the specs of your vehicle including the license plate. She/he will contact the Transito street officers via radio and find out if your vehicle was removed by their towing service. It recently took me several hours to help a client locate their automobile.

Where do they take them?


In most of the cases where they have hauled off your auto in the city, they are usually delivered to Tecnocar, a car repair shop in Pueblo Nuevo. You may check with them by calling their cell phone : 6664-1984. If they do not have the car, the A.T.T.T. clerk should be able to provide you with details of where the car is located and who to contact to retrieve your vehicle. The approximate cost of the towing service is $80.00. This fee may vary depending on the distance of the row.

If it appears that the vehicle has been stolen, you immediately notify the authorities and make a ¨denuncia” at the DIJ. After this vital step, report the incident, to your Insurance company or broker. At Ducruet, our Claims Department will be glad to guide you through the process of filing the theft claim with the insurance company.

To make sure you have proper auto coverage, call 322-1605 or email Carmen:

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