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This is Dave and Micheline Fallis. We were the ones calling you from Canada, to find out how to get our B.U.P.A. going. Dave was the guy with the leg infection so bad,that they thought that they were going to amputate.

I have to tell you we have become the Bupa poster children. They were amazing. When Dave finally walked out of that hospital 10 weeks later, 8 with both legs ) every bill was paid.


When we would call to tell them that Dave would be in that private room for at least another month, they would say ¨don´t you worry about a thing Mr. Fallis, you just get better, we will take care of it. ¨ And they did.

Canada has public health care and the hospital had no idea of how to work with a private health care system. To say the least, they did not make it easy for them. Bupa just worked it through with administration and paid the bills. You know I was annoyed with Dave for going with such an expensive health care insurance. No one else we knew had done that. Of course, now I think that he was so smart (:

Thought you would enjoy hearing this story. Thank you for talking us into this. We hear that you have just had your own health scare!!!!

Thanks again Kevin
Dave and Micheline

Panama Kevin