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The following is a very nice letter written by my good friend/client Bud Huber of Boquete. With auto claims in Panama, if something can go wrong it will and it will happen to you…. Buy your insurance from a licensed Panama insurance broker and make sure they help when you have a claim!


I know this is a bit after the fact, but I have been busy with health
issues. Given that we have both had some very serious health challenges
this year, I am confident that you understand and will agree that health
issues take a much higher priority than what I am about to undertake in
this email.


As you well know by now, we have both been through a lengthy and
complicated claims process regarding a single car accident in late
November 2005 that resulted from a mechanical failure of my vehicle. You
may recall that I was providing an “ambulance function” for an
incredibly sick baby of a neighbor at the time of the mechanical failure
and resulting accident. You may also recall that the first notice to you
was a personal call from my cell phone in the wee hours of a Sunday
morning when less accommodating people would revolt. The really good
news was that we did get the neighbor’s baby to a hospital in time. And
a sidebar comment is that we now have an official ambulance here in the
Chiriqui highlands where I live, and so I definitely will not have to
play ambulance again.

The resulting claim was not settled until September 2006. The final
resolution was a total loss of my specially configured 3/4 ton 2004
Suburban. The cause for the lengthy settlement was related entirely to
trying to repair a rather unique vehicle, which caused many issues for
the repair shop. During the ten months (yes, ten!) of dealing with this
issue, I found you and your staff to be totally professional and on top
of the situation from beginning to end, and at every twist and turn. I
must add that the insurance carrier was also responsive, as they too
were hampered by the repair shop related issues.

My experiences throughout this ordeal have permanently cemented my
commitment to use your agency for all of my insurance needs. I find it
hard to believe that even a stateside agency with all of their resources
could perform to the degree that you and your staff have performed.
Please give my best regards to all of your staff.

Bud Huber

Panama Kevin