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In December of 2003, I moved to Panama after many visits to this country in the previous two years. After witnessing the traffic in Panama City, I knew I needed automobile insurance before I ever considered getting under the wheel. I approached Kevin Bradley (who came with many high recommendations) regarding my insurance needs. He promptly took care of my needs with adequate coverage at the most competitive rates….
About Panama Kevin
Born and raised in Panama, I have been attending to the insurance needs of the Panama-English speaking community for over 35 years. A graduate of Texas A&M University ’69, I am a fully licensed Panama Insurance Broker and a longtime member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Panama and Industry of Panama + National College of Insurance Brokers of Panama. I am also a member of the Elks Lodge 1414 in Balboa and Summit Golf resort.
Automobile Insurance in Panama
Auto insurance in Panama is similar to coverage issued in the USA/Canada and Europe. Protection for Basic third party liability, Medical payments, Collision and Comprehensive/Fire/Theft are available at very reasonable rates. While the Panamanian Government requires proof of basic liability coverage in order to obtain a license plate, there is a good chance that the person who smashes into your car will NOT have auto insurance.
Life and Mortgage Insurance in Panama
It is my opinion that TERM insurance is the best life insurance for most occasions. While term life insurance rates in Panama are still on the high side, they are considerably lower than Whole Life or Universal Life products. As part of the Mortgage/loan contract, banks and other lending institutions will require life insurance from a Panama licensed insurance company (will not accept your USA, Canada life policy as a guarantee). More…
Kevin is Expat Friendly
From EXPATS IN PANAMA “Expat Friendly Businesses”
health insurance
Panama Health Insurance
Below you will find a web page describing several local health insurance plans that I believe are acceptable. You should know that local companies change rates and coverage often, so please don’t hold me to these as chiseled in stone. Be very careful of “coverage” sold by local hospitals, they are not insurance contracts and these “agreements” may change at the whim of the hospital. They are woefully inadequate for any serious condition and most will only pay up to $15,000 lifetime. Remember, most intensive care facilities are $800.00/day. MORE…
Kevin Speaks at IL Seminar
Following our mayor, Juan Carlos Navarro’s eloquent welcome to the Expat visitor/attendees, I was invited to speak to the group about “Insurance in Panama”. The response was warm, friendly and based on the questions I was asked, this is a very informed group of achievers who have done their homework on Panama.
What is a deductible?
Although your Panama insurance policy is in Spanish, a “deducible” is the amount of money which the insured party must pay before the insurance company’s own coverage plan begins. It is practical for insurance companies to include a deductible in their policies to avoid paying out benefits on relatively small claims. A typical Panama auto insurance policy, for example, may carry a $500 deductible for “colision”. If the owner of that car accidentally hits another car while parking and both drivers agree the damage is minimal, he or she would pay the $500 repair bill out of his or her own pocket. Insurance companies would not encourage a claim for such minor damages.
Gary Scott endorses BUPA/Kevin!
Change is taking place at an increasing pace. Spotting trends can help us live and invest better. One big change is that many people are changing residences. More and more people choose to live in countries other than where they were born and have lived.

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