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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 04:26 PM EDT

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Contact Info for Carmen and Kevin

About UsEmergency numbers: : Police 104; Fire 103; Health 911

Kevin and the English speaking team are service representatives of the UnityDucruet Insurance Agency. If you need coverage for a Corporation or as an Individual, Kevin and Carmen are standing by to help.

It will be our pleasure to discuss Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Fire/Theft/Liability for your Condo/Home or Office. We are ready to provide assistance with all your Panama insurance needs....

Our location (UnityDUCRUET) is in San Fransisco, near the end of Calle 50, turn left just BEFORE the light at Via Porras on calle 77E, shares corner with the Deli Gourmet, directly across from BANISTMO.

Here's a map to our UnityDUCRUET San Francisco office:


To better serve you, the telephone numbers listed below are DIRECT lines. If we do not answer, we are away from the desk or if the call goes to voicemail, we may be talking on the line...... try again later.

Our contact info is:

* Kevin = kevin.bradley@unityducruet.com 6674-1063 cel. 322-1605 direct
* Carmen = New Policies/quotes (Speaks/Writes perfect English) maria.dunkley@unityducruet.com 6613-1063 cel. 322-1605 direct

Kevin - Skpe name: kbradley23

IMPORTANT NOTE: When writing to us remember, It's ducr"U"et don't forget the second "u" in your emails!
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Panama Fire Insurance for Structures

Fire InsuranceFire Insurance policies for structures in the Republic of Panama are similar to those issued in the USA, Canada and Europe. The basic fire policy also includes extended coverage for occurrences other than fire. This may include damage from Explosion, Earthquake, Windstorm, Lightning, Smoke, Flood & Water damage, Falling Objects and Debris Removal after an incident. Here is an example of coverage available from a large Multi-National Underwriter:

Fire / Lightning/Explosion Earthquake
Windstorm / Hurricane Impact of falling objects
Debris Removal Explosion
Esthetic Restoration (5% of the sum insured) Smoke Damage
Alterations, Modifications and Additions Flood and Water Damage
Breakage of glass/windows (Sub-Limit$.30,000.00)
Damages to the structure as a consequence of robbery (5% of sum insured)
Electrical Damages (80% of the sum insured)
Intentional/malicious damage and looting
Common water damages, filtration and leaks (20% of the basic sum insured)


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Panama Condo "Unihabitable" after gas leak/explosion!

Fire Insurancehttps://www.prensa.com/sociedad/PH-Costa-Mare-inhabitable-evaluaciones_0_5317718177.html


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Good news!

Fire/Theft  Claims!https://finance.yahoo.com/news/best-commentary-minimal-insurance-losses-202000813.html
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Panama ATTT required documents!

Automobile InsuranceTo be safe and legal while driving an auto in Panama, you must keep the following documents in your vehicle:

1. A current copy of the vehicle registration (registro unico vehicular)

2. A current copy of your auto insurance policy ( you should verify that the policy has been registered to the SOAT) site.

3. FUD form for small accidents http://www.transito.gob.pa/sites/default/files/documentos/formulario_unico.pdf

4. Reglamento de Transito booklet

5. Valid copy of your drivers license (foreign drivers license is only valid for 90 days)

The ATTT transito police will set up roadblocks to request an inspection of these documents and failure to produce any oneof them may result in a fine.
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Panama Transit Authority Accident Form!

Auto ClaimsThe "minor accident " form is available on line. The law has been enacted, but for the moment I recommend that you do not move the vehicle until your Insurance Company "roadside assistance" representative arrives at the scene to guide you.

Here is the link to the new "minor accident form" to be used in the event of a no-fault type of collision:


The link to the ATT website where the form is found is here:


Remember to visit these previous articles here on PK:


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Panama License ATTT Plate/Insurance Verification

Automobile InsuranceEffective June18, 2018 the ATTT authorities will be able to verify the validity of insurance policies through a compulsory traffic accident insurance Platform (SOAT).

To check that your vehicle insurance is valid and has been registered, you will need to access the platform, submit your cedula or passport number + ID Control no. on drivers license (small numbers on lower right side), enter the vehicle plate No. and confirm ATT has your valid insurance information.

Here is the link to complete the exercise:


If you do not obtain a positive result, you must contact your insurance company to renew the policy/pay the premium or have them validate that your policy is in force and corresponds to the license plate number. Failure to have your updated information on the SOAT platform may prompt the ATTT inspectors to issue a "boleta" or tow away your vehicle.

Here is a local newsflash: https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/transporte/partir-autoridades-verificaran-polizas-aplicacion_0_5056744377.html
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Panama Earthquake coverage?

Fire InsuranceEarthquake coverage is included in Panama Fire Insurance policies. We separate "structure" and "contents" policies that usually include coverage for fire, explosion, lightning, EARTHQUAKE, windstorm, Debris removal, flood and water damage, filtration/leaks, and more.

The deductible for loss as a result of an earthquake is 2% of the sum insured with a minimum of $250.00.

To receive custom quote for your structure or contents, email: maria.dunkley@unityducruet.com

or call us, Carmen 322-1605 Kevin 6674-1063
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Panama Insurance Industry Outlook Stable

General Panama InfoA very positive report about Panama's Insurance Industry:

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Pet Insurance in Panama?

Fire InsuranceIn UnityDucruet, we may cover your pet for medical services/treatment due to an accident.

If you purchase a multi-risk contents policy for your condo or house, the pets are covered for Vet services (including surgery), medication and hospital expenses up to $1,000. These expenses must be incurred as a result of an accident to the pet while inside the insured residence. Coverage is also available for pets involved in automobile related accidents.

If the pet dies, you may also receive a death benefit.

To obtain a quote, please call 322-1605 or send an email to maria.dunkley@unityducruet.com kevin.bradley@ducruet.com